Alex Endert

Assistant Professor

For the past two years, Endert served as a visual analytics research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he worked on visual data exploration, human-computer interaction, and information visualization. His research interests center around exploring novel user interaction techniques for visual data analysis. He explores ways that visualization and data mining techniques can couple the subjective domain expertise of people with the rigorous computational abilities of machines. Ultimately, the goal is to build visualizations that help people gain insight and become empowered in an era where data is superfluous. 

He is an active member of, and contributor to, premier venues for human-computer interaction and information visualization (ACM CHI, IEEE VIS, IEEE TVCG, IEEE CG&A). He received his doctorate in computer science at Virginia Tech in 2012, where he worked with Chris North. In 2013, his work on semantic interaction was awarded the IEEE VGTC VPG Pioneers Group Doctoral Dissertation Award and the Virginia Tech Computer Science Best Dissertation Award.


College of Computing
School of Interactive Computing