School of Computer Science Professor Wins Award for Influential Cryptography Research

Professor Alexandra Boldyreva has won a Test of Time Award from the International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography (PKC) for her work on new multi-user digital signatures.

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Fight Covid-19 Disinformation

To ensure Americans can find the most accurate information, College of Computing researchers are creating machine-learning (ML) and data science tools to help fact-checkers be more efficient.

Team IDs Real-world Vulnerabilities In Popular Browser During Premier Hackathon

A team of School of Computer Science (SCS) students came in second at Pwn2Own, one of the world’s top hacking competition.

Georgia Tech Researchers Develop New Tool to Preserve Crash Report Privacy

This is why Georgia Tech researchers created a new tool called Desensitization that generates crash reports that preserve the original error — whether a bug or attack — without exposing privacy.

Researchers Find New Security Problem in Hardware Power Systems

Passwords can be stolen just by monitoring unintentional electromagnetic emanations from a computer’s power management unit (PMU).

Wenke Lee Receives Award for Pioneering Security Research

SCS faculty and students received several honors at this year's CCS conference.

Hydra is the First Fuzzing Framework to Find Any File System Bug

Called Hydra, the framework provides building blocks for file system fuzzers to find semantic errors, helping developers save time.

MLsploit Tackles Machine Learning Security with a Cloud-based Platform

Georgia Tech and Intel researchers launch MLsploit, a cloud-based platform for researching adversarial Machine Learning.


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