School of Computer Science Welcomes Five New Assistant Professors

These new professors study systems, databases, cybersecurity, programming languages, and architecture.

Team of Georgia Tech Students Win World Hacking Competition

SCS Assistant Professor Taesoo Kim and his students were part of the winning team at DEF CON's hacking competition.

CSE Researchers Assess Adversarial Attacks on Networks

Researchers from CSE lead initiative to assess the mechanisms by which adversarial attacks on graph structured data harm machine learning models and how to thwart them.

School of CSE Chair David Bader Presents Keynote at PASC’18

David Bader is presenting at PASC'18 on massive-scale analytics applied to real world problems.

Georgia Tech Teams up with Intel to Protect Artificial Intelligence from Malicious Attacks Using SHIELD

A team of Georgia Tech researchers has developed a fast and practical way to protect artificial intelligence (AI) systems – such as those used in self-driving cars – from malicious attacks on image recognition software that could lead to such a disastrous

Georgia Tech Researchers Find New Way to Detect Logic Bugs

Georgia Tech researchers created Deadline, a new tool to find double-fetch bugs.


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