Research Area – Networks

The School of Computer Science’s networking group develops and explores technologies for tomorrow's communication networks. The group's research spans many topics including:

  • Network security and management
  • Protocols for next-generation networks
  • Economics of networks
  • Network monitoring and measurement.

The group has developed a number of high-impact technologies:

  • Topology generation (GT-ITM)
  • Multicast and anycast
  • Transport protocols for disruption-tolerant networks
  • Available bandwidth estimation (PathLoad)
  • Data streaming techniques for monitoring high-speed networks
  • Spam filtering (SNARE).

Networking faculty and students regularly publish in top conference venues and transfer their systems and technologies to industry. Several members from the group are actively involved in various national research agendas, including the NSF's Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) initiative.

Coordinator: ewz [at] cc [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Ellen Zegura)