Research Area – Information Security

The information security field presents unique challenges because the world faces increasingly sophisticated cyber-security threats even as our reliance on networked computer systems continues to grow. Georgia Tech offers a rich and comprehensive curriculum, with courses in foundational and applied aspects of cryptography, networks, systems and software security, and policies and strategies for information security. A hands-on teaching laboratory allows students to assess security of realistic systems and experiment with techniques that can be used to protect them against specific types of threats.

We offer an M.S. degree in information security that allows students to master the body of knowledge in the field (these courses are also available to M.S. and doctoral students in computer science). Our faculty are world leaders, and students can work on research projects in most areas of the field.

Over the past two decades Atlanta has become a center for information security companies, and our students have numerous opportunities to interact with industry leaders and work at these companies.

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), which hosts the GTSIC Security Summit and publishes its attendant Emerging Threats report, has a broad range of outreach activities that also offer students unique insights into the real-world challenges information security professionals face every day.

With close to two dozen faculty and more than 100 graduate students, Georgia Tech is a vibrant community for prospective students who want both foundational knowledge and practical expertise in creating a safer, more secure cyber space.

Coordinator: Sasha Boldyreva