Research Area – Programming Languages and Compilers

Programming languages and compilers research at Georgia Tech focuses on a wide range of issues, from providing new abstractions for expressing parallelism, security and real-time properties, to devising new program analysis and compiler optimization techniques, to examining managed run-times and dynamic optimizations.

In modern computing, the systems of interest are multi- and many-core processors, as well as embedded and mobile systems such as those that power modern “smart” phones.

Apart from publishing papers in top conferences such as PLDI (Programming Language Design and Implementation), ASPLOS (Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems), PPoPP (Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming), PACT (Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques) and Micro, our group believes in making position statements to define the edge in top workshops such as LCPC (Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing) and HotPar (Hot Topics in Parallelism).

The group also actively releases software and tools into the public domain. Our major source of funding is the National Science Foundation, supplemented by a number of industry partners, such as Intel, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Infineon, Sony, Toshiba, Greenhills, LogicBlox, Qualcomm and more.

Coordinator: Mayur Naik